Friday, September 2, 2011

To Pack or not to Pack

Hey guys/Stephanie. So I'm packing/not packing for Glasgow and then I got inspired/bored. Hey Steph remember that time we were trying to figure out i-Chat and after HOURS (actual time: 2 minutes) just gave up and acted immature navigated through the intricate framework of the effects application? Because I sure do. In case you forgot ... here it is:

Ya that's right ... I SCREEN-CAPPED THAT BITCH. Or I put a cap in that screen's ass, if I may. P.S., I like how it says, "traveling sisters," in the corner. That's neat. 

Alright well I better get back to sleeping  packing. It's like, 3:30 am your time so you're either very asleep or very drunk. I shall know if it the latter as the comment section will read, "I justhajsh wanafdrt to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" <-- you passed out on the "y" in case you were wondering. Now that I have simulated you drunk typing, I will bid you a-dude. 

Peace bitch,



  1. Since it's morning, my state of being would be most accurately reported as 'hung over.'

  2. Then maybe a water for the shower would be appropriate? But then again, being appropriate's for squares