Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pittsburgh Things and Reasons Why

Hey there.

If there's anything YouTube has taught me, it's that a long-form apology after [insert extended period of time here] is the last thing anyone wants to hear.  So, I could say that I've been scaling mountains with Sean Connery in Tibet or practicing for my debut at the Metropolitan Opera only to be swayed by a mysterious man in a mask or that I've been....doing a lot of homework, working a lot of shifts, and eating a lot of questionable cod fish.  Sadly, there is no Phantom or former James Bond in my life at the moment, so the latter is the truth. 

Who knew it'd be so demanding?  Oh wait, everyone knows.

Speaking of food, for the past half hour I have been sitting in an individual study room in the library, half-paying attention to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia while I absentmindedly ate some fries.  I have been in a haze all day, wandering from place to place with no real purpose in my step.  I've caught myself staring off into space and forgetting my belongings when I set them down.  Some call it fatigue.  I call it fatigue-also-zero-caffeine-and-like-a-hangover-from-last-night-it's-7-pm-how-do-I-still-have-this.  I remember Explosions in the Sky and talk of time travel and a spotting of a wonderfully bright shooting star.  I remember cuddling with everyone on the roof as we protected ourselves from the below 30 weather blowing at our backs.  I remember texting a friend of mine "like a Russian warming helmet" and then I think we danced to some MGMT.   And then I remember waking up because the light from the fog was so bright (I've yet to figure that one out) and realizing that Hannah had stolen the comforter and all I had was a thin cotton sheet to huddle underneath.  And when I walked downstairs I wished I had my camera with me because of the way the light hit the window and the blanket drooping from it.  I eventually ended up at work at our athletic center and directed people towards the swim meet and watched the most recent Parks and Recreation (if you've seen it, HOW GREAT WAS THAT EPISODE?)

And now I'm here, writing this in a half-daze in my school's cafe. 

Other things I have failed to write about -
- My adventures outside Pittsburgh.  The Pennsylvanian countryside is really quite beautiful. 
- Zombie Fest
- Halloween adventures which mainly consisted of us summoning ghosts in the administrative building (which is, coincidentally, a very old, very Gothic mansion)
- A personal self-discovery: when Stephanie tries to stay up all night, Stephanie finds out she cannot stay up all night
- That's all I remember

These are Pittsburgh things.  I suppose.

The only photographic evidence I have of my current Pittsburgh activities.  I am the second from the right, for those of you who are not familiar with my facial structure.

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