Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wallace, Fawkes and Wao

It’s me again home dogs. And this time, it’s for … wait for it … CLASS. Yes you heard right, this blog post is for homework. Never thought I’d see the day. We are experimenting with writing through different media. So what I’m going to do is post some shit on here and then post some shit on the flicker and BOOM. Master’s course complete.

Jayy kayyy I still have like a year and a half left.

So let me fill you in on the happenings. Glasgow’s great but it’s fucking cold. Like, it’s 0 degrees. And I know that’s in Celsius so my American compadres won’t understand what I’m talking about but I think that the number “0” universally translates to, “fuck, that’s really cold.” Oh and also, the sun goes down at like 4 pm — and that’s only going to get worse from what I hear. Except when I started complaining about that to my new Icelandic friend Bobo, he told me to suck my shit up. I guess Iceland get’s it worse.

Oh and my writing is going really great. There were a few weeks there when I felt like I should take the little piece of Ashley that wanted to be a writer and walk it out the far reaches of a desolate field, duct tape it to a stick of dynamite, and then manically laugh from afar as I watched it incinerate, its ashes going their separate ways into the night sky. But now I’m ok. I read The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and wrote a short story based on its style. It was well-received by my experimentation professor who said he thought it could be the start of something fascinating. So I’m PUMPED.

Also I’ve been doing some travelling around with Katie and Gina. We went to Stirling which is just a short 45 minute train ride north (don’t quote me on “north” … it could have been east for all I know. But I’m pretty sure it’s north). And it was pretty great even though BBC said that the sun would be shining down upon the small Scottish town yet when we arrived it was … GASP … raining. BUT THAT DID NOT DETER US. We went to Stirling Castle and took a tour. We got to see the room in the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was crowned at nine months old. Gina sung Phantom of the Opera songs in the empty chapel because she has the voice of an angel of Jesus. And we got to see the William Wallace monument and I may or may not have screamed exactly what you would expect any Mel Gibson loving person would scream at the William Wallace monument \m/ So all in all a pretty great day.

OH and also it was Guy Fawkes Day a couple days ago. For my American friends, it was V for Vendetta Day — and it was great. A group of friends and I went to the Glasgow Green which was basically just a giant mud lawn. And there were fireworks and carnivals rides and 9283743 people and the absence of any form of warmth and fireworks. It was amazing. Just like the fourth of July except cold as balls.

Now for the weekly round of pictures:

Stirling Castle ooOOoooO 
The backside of Katie

The sexual side of Gina

The slightly doll-faced side of me

Castle stairs 

Castle & Toilets ... a deadly combination

Stirling Cemetery 

I don't know what that was, all I know my future front lawn is going to look exactly like it

Gina's seat of power

Guy Fawkes Day. 

My friend Alex and Helen's ghost. 

I am resisting all urges to quote Katy Perry 

That's all for me bitches. See you next time.

-Asher lee

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  1. Sounds like Chicago weather, that does. And it probably accounts for why those folks fry damn near everything they can get their hands on, just like they do here.