Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome Reddit readers, you are the 1 cent.

Do you see what I did there.  It's a TOPICAL joke.  (Those advertisements you see on the side of the page?  That's coffee money right there.) And we really did earn one cent from you lovely people. Oh wait, the only comment we received on Reddit was "I find the blog content narcissistic, boring and uninsightful" and then this lovely creature linked us to The Oatmeal, claiming "this is funny".  And guys, the similarities between this blog and The Oatmeal are astounding.  We don't own our own domain, Mathew Inman does.  We don't draw what we want to say, Mathew Inman does.  We update each other on the happenings in our lives and hope it entertains our readers too, Mathew Inman does not.  Well pour me out and call me buttermilk, Mr. Inman should sue us for all we're worth (which is, let's face it, not much).

I don't have an "in contrast to all of this" statement ready for you.  It's still cooking in the metaphorical oven.  I am currently sitting in bed, sipping on some leftover coffee, and dreaming of breakfast potatoes.  I don't know what it is about those potatoes but they are the simple carb of the gods.  In fact, I recall roommate #2 (otherwise known as Kayla) and I tried to pull an all-nighter a while back and we were at one point, amidst our sleepy stupor, just shouting out words.  Pretty sure "POTATO, 7:30" was emitted right before we both passed out.  (Breakfast starts at 7:30 here because they hate us and want us to be sad.)

Would you guys hate me terribly if I filled the rest of this post with pictures?  Pictures with captions? It is nearly 2 am and my face has to be awake in a few hours for class.  The brain.  It is not present.  I guess you can call this post UNINSIGHTFUL and BORING. 

Just kidding I'm not bitter.

 I started this mirror conversation.  RIP the best mirror interaction ever.

 sumtimez i take picz of fog

 You don't know shit about my cat.

 This was sitting outside my building.  Still is.  Doesn't look quite so good now.

 This is taped to a bathroom door in the Art & Design Center.

 Pennsylvania has pretty great leaves.

 Aforementioned leaves.  Also foot.

 The kitchen on my floor.  It has a really great skylight.

 A show I went to.  I've literally never seen more hipsters in my entire life.

 Myself in the aforementioned show's basement bathroom.  We're just...we're not going to talk about the amount of health code violations that were in this bathroom.

Roommate #2 took this of me.  Yeah so.

Proof that I am indeed a photography major and not a iPhone-toting-Instagram-using idiot oh wait.

More proof.  Feet.  Bench.  Wet.  Wet bench. 


  1. Reddit's a joke. We tried it out and got negative comments as well, simply because on reddit, people only want to see one picture of toilet humor and move on. TWENTY pictures of toilet humor? Man... that's a lot of reading. Screw that.

    Also, reddit will be an asshole and terminate your account because you can't use it to promote your own blog. We didn't know that. Try stumbleupon. Or hell, be old school and hand out fliers. People love being hassled in the street.

  2. awesome photos and angles
    congrats, +followed

  3. Brandon/Bryan (I still don't know how you're supposed to reply to people on here.) - I'll let Ashley know. I believe we have put it on stumbleupon already.

    I love forcing my creations down people's throats!

  4. 1) I love that BUB made it into this blog finally
    2) Reddit is a bitch whore
    3) Your campus is totes beaut
    4) Why am I writing this in a list?
    5) it's 1:14 am and Thanksgiving is tomorrow ... shit i have to go to sleep
    6) This blog was really funny
    7) Like seriously it made me "lol"
    8) Ok goodnight