Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I totally didn't forget about that blog I share my sister.

I totally forgot about this blog that I share with my sister.

So yeah.  To be fair, I have been impossibly busy with Adult Stuff (also see: Stuff That Makes Me Want To Shove My Head Through The Wall) and finding the time to sit down and type out stories in a vaguely humorous manner wasn't exactly high on my to-do list.  But you've heard this all before and I know you guys are probably anti-excuse so let's just say I was mauled by a bear hungry for hipster flesh and I have been recovering in Urban Outfitters, neatly arranging the display case of plastic cameras. 

So over the past few weeks I have written a handful of annoyed emails, I have read The Fault in Our Stars in a nearby library while I leaned against a cold window, I've had a couple religious experiences listening to Circle of Life at full volume, I've had a restaurant bill paid for because one of the waiters is in love with Allie, I've tackled a friend on the sidewalk at 3 am, I've drunkenly hid in a stranger's front yard in an impromptu game of hide and seek with Kayla, and I've swung inappropriately high on a swing set at night with Kayla whilst blasting Wake Me Up When September Ends.  The 7th grader in me was very happy that night. 

Other than that, this semester is going by painfully slowly.  Not that I haven't had any going-to-remember-this-moment-for-the-rest-of-my-life experiences, but it's been rough.  I am counting down the days until spring break when I fly back to California and disappear from the world entirely.  At least there I don't have to answer the dreaded "why did you move from California to Pennsylvania ARE YOU INSANE" question that seems to be so popular.  I'm this close to saying I'm from North Dakota just so people can stop piercing my Californian soul with their judgments.  I have quite literally been lectured on why California is a happiness cornucopia.  Like these are things that are happening to me.  So at any given point in time you should assume that I am fighting the urge to punch the person asking me why I moved from "like, the best place on Earth man". 

This blog is going to end now in a very abrupt and apathetic manner. 
It's not you, it's me. 
(I promise I'll write something interesting next time.  This was an "I'm not dead.  Just barely existing" post)

The ever lovely and multi-colored Kayla.

My building during a snow storm.  My phone didn't pick up the SNOW FUCKING EVERYWHERE part.  But it was snowing ridiculously hard, trust me.

More snow.

Snow and Allie.

I mean, it was really pretty snow.

Like so pretty.

"I'm pretty sure things have happened in this alley"

Siena and Allie spying on people.

Someone gave Kayla a Justin Bieber valentine.  I thought it was only fair to make myself a valentine.


  1. Wow. How could you forget about the blog?? I am shcked and mortified. Also, how could you move from California to Penn... no just kidding.

    1. If it makes you feel any better I am also forgetting about basic human things, like eating and showering.

  2. how freaking rude.... geez... how could people even ask that question.... they ask my husband the same thing... so annoying....

    oh, and the pictures are very cool.. wish i had snow all around me... but i am in sunny california... because i didn't move with my husband to arkansas (for his job).....

  3. "Adult Stuff (also see: Stuff That Makes Me Want To Shove My Head Through The Wall)" - what is the opposite of epic fail? Epic succeed! You did, my friend.

    And yes, that is a hell of a lot of snow.

  4. I guess its hard to ski in California...

    Outside anyway

    1. The Donner Party. Where they got lost. One point to me.