Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stephanie waits in airports. Humid airports. (And later unpacks.)

Hello, readers.
This post is brought to you by George Bush and his gracious wi-fi that only lasts 45 minutes.  Never have I been so grateful for Texan Internet.

I am currently perched next to a window covered in the humid morning dew of Houston, Texas.  This is where I connect to my Pittsburgh flight.  (Did a cute boy just talk to me about first class?  Affirmative.  Liveblogging my experiences, isn't this just so magical?) I couldn't be more nervous about this whole thing called moving across the country.  The whole independent I-can-buy-my-own-shit-and-use-it-any-way-I-want-but-it-comes-with-a-price-called-a-quarter-life-crisis business isn't entirely new territory to me, but it is still rather terrifying.  I've approached the harbor of that land, if I may, but I've yet to fully explore it and its many existential break-downs. 


Unfortunately, I had to stop there.  They were like GET ON THE DAMN PLANE and I was like JESUS CHRIST OKAY MAN.  So, I had to abandon my writings until I reached my destination.

So, this blog post is now brought to you by my beautiful dorm room at Chatham University.  All of our dorm halls are mansions donated to the school so they're all beautiful and old and have that sort of 'character' I sometimes hear about on HGTV.  Blame my parents and their obsessive love for HGTV and their descriptors of architecture, not me.

I miss home already but people tell me that's to be expected.  This room is already starting to feel like home, though.  I think the whole it used to be a home thing is a contributing factor.
This building is the kind of building I always wished I could live in.  Soft lighting, airy rooms, white-washed walls and the sound of the chapel bell every hour.  As soon as I find my camera cord I will give you the grand tour of the campus.  It may have to be in several installments, however, as the campus is quite mountainous and I am laughably sedentary (despite having lived in the Sierras for the past decade).

I have begun the not-so-laborious task of moving in my things.  I wasn't able to bring anything huge because of that whole living 3000 miles away business, but I did bring the entirety of my wardrobe and bedding.  Space bags: they work and they are lovely and they are just so great.  As seen on TV: space bags are black holes of awesome.

I've been leaving this and coming back and leaving it again, so I'll take my inattentiveness as my cue to end this blog and eat something.  Eleven hour flight, 30 minutes of sleep, a bag of Chex Mix and some pathetic excuse for coffee = Stephanie consumes her bed and some of her socks because she thinks they're a whopper and a coke.

Just kidding I despise soda.

Everyone say hello to Ashley for me.

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