Monday, August 22, 2011

... and I'm Ashley

HelooOOOoo. My name is Ashley, I’m 23, and I’m here to party. My sister Stephanie/crap-face is leaving tomorrow at midnight to start her new (crap) life in Pittsburgh. Just kidding … her life is going to be great. And although I’m going to miss her stupid face, I’m excited for her. She’s starting a new volume and so am I (I was going to say chapter but I didn’t … see how edgy I am?). After she leaves, I’ll only have a little over a week to get ready for my new life as a student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. I’m going to pursue my MFA in creative writing and she’s going for her B.A. in photography. It’s going to be a raging good time.

A little about me before I peace the eff out — I graduated a year ago from Pepperdine with my degree in journalism and realized that that was just not my cup-a-joe.  After moving back home to northern California this time last year, my life has been consumed with grad school applications, waiting on the status of grad school applications, lingering self-doubt, student loan payments, quarter-life crises, more quarter-life crises, and watching horror movies with Stephanie. Also, sometimes I would have quarter-life crises while watching horror movies with Stephanie but we won’t get into that. 

So now here we are — two sisters on the brink of discovery/destruction, ready to take on the world two continents at a time. There will be ups, there will be downs, and there with be like REALLY bad downs but one thing’s for certain … you’ll be able to read all about it here. So you better read it. Or else you’re just being rude. And we aren’t friends with rude people. Well, some of Stephanie’s friends are rude. Just kidding.

Until next time.



  1. Hello to the both of you. Thanks for swinging by our blog. Sorry to hear about the separation, but I hear the Scots make tasty ales. And Pittsburgh...well, they've got good steel, right?

  2. Hey there! Ashley here ... And no no, thank YOU for swinging by OUR blog. Also, your profile picture of darth vader sinking into a depression after giving that guy a parking ticket is pretty great. So you guys are fiction writers? That's exactly what I want to do. Therefore, I am preparing for my life as a homeless person. But as Darth Vader says, "I just gotta do it Karen, I've got to take a shot" ...right?