Monday, August 22, 2011

Well hello there, I'm Stephanie.

Greetings, new blog.  I'm Stephanie, the other and younger half of this blog.
I'm sitting next to Ashley, the older and more decrepit half, while she writes her own greeting.  Will mine be better than hers?  Time can only tell.

Will this faux-sibling rivalry last?  Time can only tell.

Ashley and I.  We're sisters.  We have this wrestling chant that we made up when we were young sprouts and we used to amuse ourselves by playing 'giant worm vs giant leech' in sleeping bags.  (I was the leech, in case you were interested.)  We've lived in the city and we've lived in the mountains.  The city has presented us with terrifying nights in a morally questionable neighborhood and the mountains have presented us with terrifying nights with morally questionable arachnids.  Neither of us looks much like our parents, but we look like each other.  She made me eat soap when I was 4 and it was the worst thing I have ever experienced.  We drive around aimlessly sometimes when we're bored and those days are good days.  I once ruined Christmas morning for her when I burst into her room screaming "WE GOT BIKES FOR CHRISTMAS" and she was like "STEPHANIE GODDAMN DON'T TELL ME".  Except in a more G-rated fashion because we were rather young. 
You get the picture.  Sisters.  Spiders.  Soap.

Moving on.  Hello, new (and presently nonexistent, but hey I'm not counting) readers.  I'm a soon-to-be 20 year old and tonight is my last night at home.  I move to Pennsylvania for college tomorrow night and I couldn't be more nervous or excited or NERVOUS about it.  This will be my first time leaving everything behind and it's rather terrifying.  I'm, like, 95% sure my roommates aren't budding serial killers, but who knows.

I am majoring in being homeless for the rest of my life--I MEAN, I'm majoring in visual arts with a concentration in photography at Chatham University in the great city of Pittsburgh (unconfirmed, but Wikipedia is leading me to believe it's pretty swell).  We live in California, so if I experience a bout of homesickness I'm going to have to man up and deal with it.  Or try to run back home and die of exhaustion somewhere around Indiana.  Maybe Ohio.  I should exercise more.

We're doing this for us, but if you want to tag along then I promise we'll make room. 

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